The contextual factors that AUTOMATION PLUS S.r.l. must take into account in pursuing its quality policy are:

  • The market, which requires absolute characteristics of efficiency, under penalty of loss of competitiveness, a goal that can only be achieved through an effective organisational structure;
  • The innovation of services and the technology used to achieve it;
  • The possibility of responding to customer requests regarding the company’s quality system with certification from an official body;
  • The maintenance or strengthening of the current market position, which can only be pursued through the constant improvement of the company’s operating standards.

Therefore, AUTOMATION PLUS S.r.l., in pursuing its quality objectives, considers the commitment of all its staff as a priority, through:

  • Actions;
  • Attitude;
  • Professional skills;

which must be continuously developed and consistent with the defined quality objectives.

The top management is aware that the development, application, maintenance and improvement of the Company’s Quality System, in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, must be a coherent way of operating for the entire company.

Therefore, AUTOMATION PLUS S.r.l. aims to achieve the following objectives through its quality policy:

  • Ensure achievement of the planned budget;
  • Ensure an adequate increase in sales revenue and customer portfolio;
  • Manage and improve relations with its suppliers and their related performance;
  • Optimise internal processes and their related performance;
  • Involve all operators;
  • Comply with the legislative requirements and the technical regulations in force with regard to the products and services it offers.

The AUTOMATIONPLUS S.r.l. management is committed to ensuring the constant development of the skills of its internal and external collaborators, considered key stakeholders and essential resources for achieving the objectives set.

The quality policy is reviewed at least once a year, during the review of the quality system, and, if necessary, is reissued in the event of any changes to corporate strategies.

The policy is distributed to personnel and external suppliers considered strategic for the company’s Quality Management System.

Last updated: 30.01.2021

Founder & President

Fabrizio Beldì

Quality Manager

Francesco Beldì