Smart Energy and Energy Efficiency

Energy saving has a significant effect on the budget of companies operating in the industrial manufacturing sector, and is a responsibility that is increasingly at the heart of every business strategy. AutomationPlus helps companies develop innovative solutions for the correct and efficient use of energy as well as exploit the related savings opportunities.


Reduced emissions and lower impact on the environment

Lower electricity costs

Increased market competitiveness of your product

Improved corporate reputation in terms of social responsibility

How do we do it?

Energy Efficiency Analysis

Consultancy, analysis and monitoring of the energy efficiency of plants, systems and machines. Implementation of measures aimed at increasing the efficiency of production processes and optimising operating costs, such as:
  • Replacement of soft starters of high inertia motors with regenerative inverters for production when motors are stopped
  • Absorption checks and comparative analyses with nominal template data to highlight any mechanical defects leading to higher energy consumption by actuators
  • Feasibility analyses for energy production from renewable sources

Pneumatic Efficiency Analysis

Advice and technical support in the field of energy saving to identify improvements and, consequently, optimise the performance of pneumatic systems. Leak control, installation and integration of pneumatic efficiency devices to increase performance and market competitiveness.

  • Leakage testing
  • Installation and integration of pneumatic efficiency devices to increase performance and market competitiveness
  • Adjustment of operating pressure to actual needs
  • Air treatment compatible with the system in operation
  • Prevention of pressure loss
  • Prevention of energy loss outside operating hours
  • Efficiency improvements on blowers