Safety and Certifications for Industry 4.0

Risk Analysis and Assessment

Safety and reliability studies, risk assessment, during use of the machine in the normal production cycle, for the machine operator.

  • Analysis and assessment of industrial risks and residual risks
  • Intervention planning phase
  • Implementation of procedures and processes for injury prevention and control

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility analysis regarding the implementation of safety measures identified when preparing the risk analysis. It is not always possible to make a machine safe by allowing it to operate freely. Feasibility studies are aimed at adapting the machine so that it can be operated safely while maintaining its production capacity.

Installation and Testing of Safety Devices

Installation and testing of machine safety devices with integration into the logic of the production process. Partial integration of the circuit diagram. When enhancing the machine’s safety, it is necessary to work on the existing operating sequence and safety devices installed.
  • Installation of electrical protection devices such as safety light curtains, sensor maps, laser scanners, vision systems and safety limit switches
  • Repairs, modifications, improvements and additions to existing electrical installations
  • Identification and supply of PPE to the protect the hearing, sight, breathing and body of machine operators

Production of Technical Documentation

Development and preparation of technical files, manuals and procedures to operate safely and in compliance with the regulations in force.
  • Preparation of material required for the operational safety of installations
  • Development of manuals and user and maintenance manuals
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Mechanical drawings

Machinery Certification

Preparation of CE certification of the installation on which all the necessary safety work has been carried out, ensuring compliance with the current regulations on machine conformity.

  • Verification of suitability for CE marking
  • Final inspection and testing
  • Issue of certificate of conformity with Directive 2006/42/EC (Machinery Directive)