Machines for Industrial   Automation and Retrofitting

AutomationPlus designs and builds machines for industrial automation with automatic or semi-automatic systems for the assembly of components, for metal cleaning, and builds handling and end-of-line systems for moving products along the various stations of the plant.

 Thanks to its highly qualified technical personnel, AutomationPlus can ensure tailored solutions for various production requirements, operating principally in the food production, manufacturing and plumbing/sanitary fittings industries.

 In addition to the construction of new machines, AutomationPlus upgrades and refits old machines, adapting them to the new production standards and requirements of Industry 4.0.

Automation Systems

  • Load systems with 6-axis anthropomorphic robots or 3-axis linear robots.
  • Automatic assembly lines and tables according to production specifications.
  • Testing and quality control stations.
  • Metal cleaning machines with or without operator.

Retrofitting and Adaptation to Industry 4.0

Retrofitting of thermoforming and extrusion machines, assembly machines and transport systems to increase productivity and alignment with Industry 4.0.

Sometimes it is not necessary to purchase new machines and incur high costs. Retrofitting can help the organisation evolve, maintaining production performance and integrating Industry 4.0 functions.

In the era of Industry 4.0, an intelligent approach to the maintenance of industrial machines is essential. AutomationPlus provides the latest technology (sensors, controls, etc.) carrying out retrofitting and revamping interventions of the utmost reliability and precision, allowing your organisation to easily implement preventive maintenance processes.

What are the advantages?

Adapt your company to Industry 4.0.

Optimise maintenance interventions.

Reduce maintenance times and costs.

Greater safety, reliability and productivity.